Frequently Asked Loft Conversion Questions Answered

  • Why choose a loft conversion?

  •   • Rarely need planning permission therefore unlikely that someone can stop your development

  •   • Increase the space significantly in your home

  •   • Less disruptive as much of the work happens through the roof, you won’t have the problem of builders coming through your home

  •   • Doesn’t take up any of your garden space unlike a traditional extension

  •   • Cheaper than moving to a bigger house and without the stress of moving

  •   • Add value to the property

    Do I need planning?

  • Very rarely provided you don’t live in a conservation area, please click here for the governments advice on a loft conversion

  • Can my loft be converted?

  • In most cases yes, “Move Up Lofts” are able to convert most type of lofts including modern truss rafter lofts. As long as you have a minimum of 2.2 metres from floor in the loft to the apex of the roof

  • What is a trussed rafter loft?

  • Look up in your loft if you see W shaped timbers you have a trussed rafter loft.  Some builders will not or do not know how to tackle such a space.  Some may charge you an extortionate price.  This is not the case at “Move Up Lofts” who have the expertise to tackle such a space at a realistic price.

  • How long will it take?

  • This very much depends on the size of the project with 4 weeks been the minimum and 8 weeks been the maximum

    What don’t you do?

  • As you can see from the site “Move Up Lofts” have the capability to undertake all the works, from planning up to, but not including painting, decorating or tiling

    What is an “Insurance Backed Guarantee”

  • Many builders will offer a guarantee on their work but this guarantee is often only valid as long as the builder remains in business and is good to his word. Unfortunately in these uncertain economic times a builder cannot necessarily even guarantee the future of his business let alone his work. This is why “Move Up Lofts” give an “Insurance Backed Guarantee” or IBG, free of charge with all their works. We guarantee all our works for 5 years, hopefully there will be no need to return and hopefully “Move Up Lofts” will still be trading in 5 years but for your peace of mind even if we are not any faulty works will be rectified at no cost to you. “Move Up Lofts” IBG is from who are affiliated with the government TrustMark scheme,